Cosmetic Periodontal Treatments Can Enhance the Appearance of Your Entire Smile

Crown Lengthening

When gum tissue extends too far down teeth, it can create what is known as a "gummy smile" and detract from your overall appearance. Fortunately, crown lengthening offers a safe and effective solution. During a crown lengthening procedure, Dr. Andrew R. Samuel will carefully remove excess gum tissue and expose more of your teeth's surface to create a beautiful frame for your smile. In addition to providing a cosmetic enhancement, this procedure can also prevent gum irritation and inflammation caused by a dental crown. (Images are of actual patient).

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Soft Tissue Grafting

Over time, gum recession can gradually expose the roots of teeth, causing tooth-sensitivity and diminishing the beauty of a smile. In these cases, Dr. Samuel can use soft tissue grafting to enhance the aesthetics of your smile by repairing and recreating lost gum tissue. Soft tissue grafting involves placing a small tissue sample over recessed areas to encourage new growth. Dr. Samuel uses conservative techniques and he will customize treatment based on your unique needs. (Images are of actual patient).

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Smile Design

In some cases, a single cosmetic periodontal treatment cannot achieve the results a patient is seeking. By undergoing a smile design with Dr. Samuel, we can combine multiple procedures into a custom treatment plan to address a range of concerns and dramatically improve the look of your smile. If you currently suffer from gum disease, we will perform any necessary periodontal treatments first to ensure it does not compromise the results of your smile design.

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Cosmetic Ridge Augmentation

An alveolar ridge is the line of bone that forms the borders of your upper and lower jaw. During ridge augmentation, Dr. Samuel will use a tissue sample to help restore recessed areas of your alveolar ridge. This procedure can not only give your smile a more attractive and natural-looking appearance, it can also create necessary strength for the placement of dental implants and help to prevent sunken facial contours. (Images are of actual patient).

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Amalgam Tattoo Removal

Traditional fillings, crowns, and bridges are made from metal amalgam. In a small amount of cases, metal fillings and restorations can leak and leave a dark blue or black discoloration along oral tissues, creating what are known as amalgam tattoos. Although amalgam tattoos are not considered a health risk, they can be aesthetically unpleasing. With amalgam tattoo removal, we can remove metal-colored discolorations and improve the appearance of periodontal tissues. (Images are of actual patient).

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Dental Crown Inflammation

Sometimes crowns are positioned so that a portion rests below the gum line. Although this approach can help to achieve a more natural appearance, it is not advised because patients can suffer from gum inflammation over time. If a dental crown is causing you to experience periodontal inflammation, Dr. Samuel can provide relief by removing irritated tissues using many of the same techniques that he employs during a crown lengthening procedure. (Images are of actual patient).

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Restorative Enhancements

In order to enable your dentist to perform excellent restorations (crowns and bridges), the periodontal foundation has to be strong and healthy. Occasionally, over time, gum tissue can recede over dental implants. In addition to detracting from their appearance, this can cause patients to experience discomfort around the implants and even sensitivity on adjacent teeth. In these cases Dr. Samuel can use tissue grafts or other techniques to provide restorative enhancement, reduce painful symptoms, improve oral health, and enable your new restorations to last as long as possible.

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Dr. Andrew Samuel

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Dr. Andrew Samuel is a highly trained periodontist in Ocean, NJ. Alongside his friendly team, Dr. Samuel provides exceptional periodontal and dental implant treatment. Dr. Samuel is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:

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